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Your best insurance is an insurance broker

Welcome to Loewen Agencies Ltd.

We are a full service insurance brokerage and motor license issuer offering coverage for your property, vehicles, businesses, and all of your recreational insurance needs. As an insurance broker, we have the flexibility to offer you a variety of insurance options from several insurance companies. We are able to offer you insurance solutions for your home, farm, crop hail, automobile, motorcycle, snowmobiles, ATV, condo, cottage, tenant’s package, trailers, boats, and commercial businesses.

We specialize in quality service and understanding our customers’ needs to provide the best possible insurance solutions.

Did You Know

The Amazing Kreskin could recall just about anything. How’s your recall? A personal inventory will go a long way in helping you remember after a loss.
Water damage is now the leading cause of property damage in Canada, costing insurers approximately $1.7 billion per year.
Auto theft costs Canadians $1 billion per year, if one considers health care, court, policing, legal and out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles.
Driver distraction is a factor in 8 out of 10 car crashes.
All households should be able to survive on their own for the first 72 hours following an emergency. They should prepare a kit of essential survival items to help them through the time before help may be able to arrive.
A family emergency disaster plan should be based on the exposures that are typical of a given community. This plan should include escape routes from the home and the community.
It is a great idea to prepare a small emergency vehicle kit for your automobile.